Our History:

Our church started in 1975 as a Bible study group.  We grew steadily and in 1986 moved into our current building.  The years have brought different families, programs, challenges and opportunities.  But through it all, God has been our passion and His Word our foundation.

What our name means:

"Evangelical" refers to what we believe.

There are two basic commitments to be evangelical.

We are committed to the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ

who is the Savior.  This is called the Gospel.

We are committed to the Bible as inspired by God, 

inerrant (never wrong in its affirmations),

authoritative (the basis for life, beliefs, and practices),

and sufficient (it gives one the necessary truth for pleasing God).

"Free" refers to how our church is operated.

Being "free" means that the church is neither controlled by the government

nor denominational hierarchy.

That means our church is governed by our own members

and owns our property.

Although we are members in the EFCA, we are a freely self-operating church.

We are free to follow God's leading.

However, we are partners with the EFCA to have the strength and support

of a large association while not being controlled by it.